How To Choose Stainless Steel Door

- Jun 15, 2018 -

The stainless steel door is welded and formed by directly cutting a curved shape with a stainless steel plate having a thickness of 1.5 mm or more. It has no pipe skeleton and compact structure. It is resistant to corrosive weak media such as air, steam, and water, as well as the chemical leaching of acids, bases, and salts. Corrosion medium service steel, also known as stainless steel acid.

When consumers purchase stainless steel doors, it is difficult to judge whether the stainless steel door they purchased is a good door, whether it is durable, and whether there is a safety guarantee. Let us let the professional stainless steel door factory Ryan Taimen Co., Ltd. give us an in-depth analysis of how to choose the stainless steel door.

First of all, first of all to understand the classification of stainless steel doors can be divided into three categories, stainless steel security doors, stainless steel shutter doors, stainless steel retractable doors; if divided by stainless steel style, we can separate barriers, push and pull, open the door and fold, as a family, we generally use Flat open, it can open the door directly.

Second, stainless steel doors have many advantages. The stainless steel door combines the dual advantages of past iron doors and ordinary security doors. Durable, no rust, not easily deformed, strong safety performance. The stainless steel door is like a safe security lock, it is similar to the iron wall for your love. Family escorts.

Third, the choice of stainless steel doors must be purchased by regular businesses or manufacturers. At the time of purchase, we must ask the other party to produce stainless steel processing and inspection certificates, including business licenses and safety certifications. Only formal businesses can let us buy peace of mind and comfort.

Fourth, choose stainless steel doors should pay attention to select "FAM" logo, corporate certification, implementation of standards, certificates of compliance and so on. Only the stainless steel door that meets the goal is the safest and most reliable.

Fifth, carefully examine the welding techniques and corners of stainless steel doors. View a small part of the process of stainless steel doors whether there are problems such as open welding, unwelded, lack of welding, uniform color, and whether the plating surface is smooth.

Sixth, the biggest role of stainless steel door is anti-theft, so at the time of purchase, we must carefully detect and repeat the use of its locking function, lock displacement is sufficient, whether to use three-party lock or five-party lock, detect stainless steel door open and close at the time, there are A nasty sting.

Seventh, this is that when people usually buy it, they hardly notice it. That's stainless steel. At present, stainless steel materials mainly use 302 and 304, and the thickness is less than 2 cm. The thickness around the door leaf is about 1 cm.

With the above purchase suggestions, we believe that we have a certain understanding of the stainless steel manufacturers and stainless steel door selection, we need to buy a safe and reliable stainless steel door.

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