How To Choose A Wooden Door?

- Aug 09, 2018 -

1. Not all wood can be made of wood doors, with special material requirements. First of all, it is required to balance the internal and external stress of the wood, it is not easy to deform, and the physical and chemical properties of the wood are determined, which is in accordance with the principle of mechanical cancellation. This is because the door fan has only one side fixed point for independent suspension. Therefore, it is necessary to use the suitable natural wood as the raw material for processing. The selection of wood for solid wood doors is relatively wide.

2. All wood products are absorbent and deformed. The problem is that the deformation must be within the standards set by the state. Because of the difference in regional climate, the relative moisture content of the air is different. Therefore, the moisture content of the wood is required to be different. According to the local relative air moisture content of the original wooden door, the value of the moisture content of the kiln is determined. For example, according to the historical minimum relative humidity of 11.4% in Shenyang, the relative humidity of the spring and winter season in Shenyang is very low. Manufacturers generally use wood kiln dry moisture content of 10-12%. Why the northern wood products are susceptible to deformation and cracking in the south, for this reason.

3. Since the wood door is made of natural wood, its surface has the natural texture and natural defects of wood. It is inevitable, and its natural beauty is its uniqueness. Beautiful beauty is a masterpiece of nature, and people are far behind. Returning to nature is the pursuit and desire of people in today's society. Make your luxury home, Washington, a long-term value. This is the root cause of the original wooden door being favored. Solid wood doors can be made of any wood for internal filling, such as wood-based panels, and the exterior is decorated with more beautiful wood.


4. Environmental protection is the theme of the living environment. The use of wood-based doors is much less than 50% less than that of solid wood doors. Therefore, it is self-evident that wood is green and natural, and it is natural to enjoy green life. 5. The combined structure of the original wooden door, the traditional structure is 枆榫, generally used less, the reason, waste of raw materials, poor control, high cost. The advantage is that it is firmly combined through the osmosis, conforms to the principle of mechanical cancellation, and is not easily deformed. Some manufacturers use round rods or semi-twisted and semi-twisted joints to save raw materials and easy processing. Practice proved; not as good as the carpenter's originator Lu Ban invented the transparent structure. The original wooden door of an ancient building is an example.

6. The market price of the original wooden door, due to the continuous harvesting of the forest, the lack of timber resources, so the price of wood determines the price of the original wooden door, the general market price is more than 3,000 yuan. The price of more precious trees is expensive.

7. The product quality and after-sales service of the manufacturer is the key to the careful choice before and after the user purchase. As the saying goes; the most effective and most intuitive way to shop around is to see who used it and how effective is it? Remember: practice It is the only criterion for testing truth.

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