How To Choose A Solid Wood Door?

- Jul 31, 2018 -

Wood identification

Nowadays, the consumption hotspots of high-grade wooden doors in the market are concentrated in black walnut, teak, cherry, maple, eucalyptus and other varieties. Due to the high price of solid wood materials, some manufacturers choose some low-grade wood with similar texture to pass dyeing. The trick is to pretend to be high-end wood to deceive consumers. The following is a brief introduction to consumers about some simple ways to identify wood.

1. Black walnut and cherry wood have a messy mountain-like texture, and cherry wood will have some black resin lines irregularly on the texture. The market is made of oak and ash ash, and the black walnut is dyed; the southwest birch (south birch without black resin line) is used to dye the cherry wood; the technical wood (paper) is used to pretend to be teak, but the technical wood has no teak. Oily.


2, maple color is light yellow, with a hill pattern, the biggest feature is the shadow (partial luster is obvious), belonging to the mid-range wood.

3, the color of the eucalyptus is bright and light yellow, there are dense wood ray, the imported eucalyptus is less, much better than the domestic one. The imported eucalyptus is medium-to-high-grade wood in China.

Consumers should pay special attention to the selection of these kinds of wood. They should choose the big factory brands that have the strength and strength to process and produce. These brands are real and craftsmanship. The moisture content of wood can be controlled at around 10%. . For consumers, you can check whether the brand is a national registered trademark (with a trademark after the trademark), whether there is a factory authorization certificate, and observe the factory's technological level through the fineness of the product itself.


1, look at, touch the fullness of the paint film, this will be more than a few times will be seen. The paint film is full, indicating that the quality of the paint is good, the polymerization power is strong, and the sealing of the wood is good. At the same time, the painting process is relatively perfect, and there is no suspicion of cutting corners;

2, stand to the door (renovation effect map) on the oblique side to find the reflective angle of the facade, to see if the surface of the paint film is flat, orange peel phenomenon is obvious, there are no protruding fine particles. If the orange peel phenomenon is more obvious, it means that the baking process of the paint film is not enough;


3, fancy modeling door, it depends on the edge of the line that produces the shape, especially the negative angle (that is, the angle that can not be seen), there is no cracking of the paint film;

4, ask the type of paint, the basic answer is PU paint (polyurethane paint), we pay attention to the advantages of PU paint is easy to polish, the process saves time and effort, the disadvantage is that the paint film is soft, slight bumps are easy to produce white shadow dent. If at least one layer of PE paint is in the paint layer, this possibility is greatly reduced. The advantage of PE paint (polyester paint) is that the paint film is hard, the hiding power is strong, the transparency is good, and the veneer texture can be better expressed. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to polish, and the processing process is time-consuming and laborious. Most manufacturers are not willing to use PE coating.

Surface roughness

1. The veneer is foamed, indicating that the veneer is unevenly heated during the attaching process, or the glue is not uniform, and the flat hot press can solve the problem of uneven heating when the flat door is pasted;

2, the flatness of the wooden door surface is not enough, indicating that the plate selection is relatively cheap, the flatness of the plate is not enough, it can be imagined that the environmental performance is also difficult to meet the standard, a little leaf Yiqiu means it;

3. See if the joints of the process are even and small: look at whether the joints of the craft are even and even, which is similar to the choice of the car, directly reflecting the comprehensive technological level of the enterprise;


4, look at the installation quality: finished product door in the factory to complete the production, but the real product is handed over to the customer to calculate the product is completed, so the door from the factory is only a semi-finished product, installation is the key link. Good installation process, good installation tools, and experienced installation technicians are the key to the success of the installation;

5, look at the hardware: Finally talk about hardware, hardware is a very easy thing for wooden door manufacturers and customers in the judgment of the quality of the door, it is recommended that customers try not to buy their own hardware, if the manufacturer can not provide the desired hardware products, You must choose the hardware products of famous brand manufacturers, such products are generally guaranteed for life.

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