How To Choose A Non-standard Door? Non-standard Door Purchase Considerations

- Aug 31, 2018 -

Although non-standard doors are mostly produced in a customized manner, there are still many things to be aware of during the purchase process, so as to ensure that the non-standard door products you have selected are more suitable for the decoration of your home.

1, look at the quality of the door lock

No matter what decorative door, the quality of the lock determines the service life and safety of the door product. When selecting the non-standard door, we must pay attention to the selection of the matching lock. It is recommended to choose the anti-drill lock, and the drill bit is drilled into the keyhole. When rotating, the lock will rotate synchronously with the drill bit, which can play the role of the lock without being damaged. Moreover, the lock requires three-direction locking structure, three hinges for single door opening and six hinges for double door opening. The security performance of the standard door will be higher.

2, look at the lock heart board

Non-standard doors are divided into two types: closed type and fence type. Regardless of which one is chosen, the lock is the main part of theft damage. Therefore, the lock core should be a cold steel plate with a thickness of more than 2 mm. Not less than 500 mm.

3, look at the quality of the process


The selection of non-standard door materials is fundamental, and the quality of the production process is the key. Therefore, when selecting non-standard doors, we must pay attention to the observation of its production process, mainly by checking whether it has welding defects, such as open welding, unweld welding, and leakage welding. And the phenomenon of slag inclusion, and then see if the cooperation between the door leaf and the door frame is dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the door opening is flexible, and so on.

4, look at the design

The appearance of non-standard doors on the market is varied. It is best not to blindly follow the trend of choosing what kind of appearance. Try to choose the door products that suit your home decoration and use. You must know that there is no standard for non-standard doors. What suits you is the best.

5, look at the strength of the factory

When purchasing non-standard door products, we must also consider the strength of the manufacturer. We must know that the production technology and production process of the powerful manufacturers are very up to standard. Naturally, the quality of the door products produced is also passed, of course, no matter what. What companies do non-standard door purchases, it is recommended that manufacturers provide certificates, it is best to sign contracts with manufacturers or retain purchase orders, in order to protect their rights.

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