How Much Is The Door Size Of The Hotel Room Suitable?

- Jul 13, 2018 -

The net width should be no less than 0.9M. The provisions of 6.1.8 of the Technical Regulations for Concrete Structures of High-rise Buildings: the width of the door opening of the hotel is generally ≥0.9m and the height is greater than 2.1m.

Room door design and installation requirements:

1 The room sign is not located on the door, but is located on the wall of the door frame, 1.5m above the ground, with emphasis and standard lighting in the entrance recess of the room.

2 The door of the room has a thickness of not less than 45mm, and the sound insulation effect is not less than 40 decibels. More than three 12-inch hinges are fixed. The upper end of the door is equipped with a dark or closed door closer, and the lower end is equipped with a lower end. The automatic sound insulation strip is covered with soundproof tops, and the door panel is equipped with anti-interference 180° cat eyes and anti-theft chain. The door lock is an induction door lock. There is a fire evacuation instruction map on the inside of the room door. Treat with a fluorescent coating.

3 The door of the room walkway can be recessed into the wall and designed to be around 300~450cm.

4 Room entrance door size: 880~900mm(W) × 2110~2190mm(H), fire resistance rating is at least 20 minutes. The door must be equipped with a (suitable type) hydraulic door closer.

5 All room entrance doors must have at least one approved key card entry electronic lock: a) The latch bolt must be latched b) The door lock must be reset after the guest has used c) The door lock must be coded using a key card Each guest should use d) The door lock must have the master key and emergency key function e) The door lock must have the audit/inquiry function f) To open the latch bolt, the door can only be operated by the handle, only from the outside of the door Guest key card operation

6 A door latch should be installed on the connecting door. The inside side is the operating handle and the opposite side is the straight board.


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