Hotel Main Desk And Hotel Door Design Points

- Jul 28, 2018 -

The general service desk includes information consultation, cashier settlement, foreign currency exchange, reception service, and item storage. There are two types of work, namely, station type and seat type. No matter which method is used, the space scale must be convenient for guests and services, guests and Communication between service personnel is a prerequisite. The national standard "Classification and Evaluation of Star Ratings of Tourist Hotels" provides that the spatial scale of the general service desk is "a service desk that is compatible with the scale and star rating of the hotel." Although there is no clear spatial scale, there is still a certain reference. According to the rules. The total service desk is related to hotel registration and size and should be proportional to the number of hotel rooms.

The size of the counter structure of the station desk is composed of three parts, namely, guest registration, work service writing, and equipment placement. The guest registration height is usually between 1.05 and 1.10m and the width is 0.4-0.6m. The working service writing height is conventionally 0.9m and the width dimension is not less than 0.3m. The equipment placement size should be determined according to the actual conditions of the equipment and the operation mode of the installation box. In short, the planning and design of the service desk should meet the requirements of use, easy to operate, and meet the requirements of ergonomics.

In addition to the function of the station-type service desk, the seat-type service desk must also increase the seat of the guest when handling the procedure, and leave a certain area area and convenient or top, so the occupied area is larger.

The general service desk is usually set up in a lobby with a good view and a good view, which makes the entire lobby visually accessible for the guests to identify. The distance from the gate to the main service desk should be less than the distance to the elevator hall. The function setting of the main service desk should be sorted according to the work processes such as reception, consultation, registration, cash register, foreign currency exchange, etc. The equipment and facilities of the main service desk (telephone, computer, Printers, scanners, magnetic card machines, money detectors, credit card authorization machines, data drawers and data cabinets, etc.) must meet the needs of the work and be convenient and reasonable to use, minimize unnecessary operational procedures, improve work efficiency and reduce work intensity.

Hotel door design

Different types of guests have different rules of activity in the lobby, so the number and location of entrances and gates should be considered in the planning and design. The main entrance is usually located in the middle of the lobby and is the entrance for individual guests and major guests. For team guests, a dedicated team entrance can be set up, and for local dining and entertainment, guests can set up a special entrance to enter a restaurant or entertainment venue. Restaurants and shops in the adjacent streets can open separate gates but keep a certain distance from the main entrance.


When the hotel is at the gate, guests enter the main entrance of the hotel, which is also the separation between the hotel and the outside world. The scale of the gate should ensure the normal passage of a certain number of personnel, and maintain a reasonable and proportional relationship and visual relationship with the entire hotel building space. The door usually has three forms, namely, a swing door, an infrared automatic door, and an automatic revolving door.

The opening width of the hand-push door and the infrared automatic sensing door must ensure that the baggage is carried by both hands and the baggage car can pass normally. The single pass size should be greater than 1.3m and the side door width should be 1.0-1.8m. In order to reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioner, a combination of double door can be adopted. The depth of the door of the double door should ensure that the door does not affect the walking of the guest and the wheelchair of the disabled after the door is opened. The normal distance of the wheelchair should be no less than 1.2m after the door is opened. Usually, the depth is not less than 2.44m. There are many specifications for revolving doors. The specifications of different manufacturers are different. Consider the overall coordination of the revolving door and the building and the size of the lobby space. If the space is too small, it is not suitable to set the revolving door.

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