Home Improvement

- Aug 04, 2018 -

Home improvement

1. When removing the stain on the door surface, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the surface with a hard part. When the stain is too heavy, use a neutral lotion, toothpaste or furniture-specific cleaning agent. After decontaminating, dry it again. Do not rinse with water.

2. Do not open the door lock with wet hands. At the same time, be careful not to immerse the neutral agent or water rag on the door surface for a long time. Otherwise, the surface will be immersed to discolor or peel the surface finish material.

3, pay attention to the corners of the wooden door, do not rub too much, otherwise it will cause the angular paint to fall off, can not have the intrusion of strong acid or strong alkali chemicals, otherwise it will easily lead to paint falling off, and even wood decay.

4. The joint surface and the lock are movable parts. When loosening occurs, they should be tightened immediately. The sound of the hinge should be noticed in time. When the lock is opened, it is not flexible. You can add the right amount of pencil core to the keyhole. Do not fill the oil.

5, due to the characteristics of dry shrinkage and swelling of wood, in the case of large differences in temperature and humidity, such as slight cracking or shrinkage, this is a normal natural phenomenon, with seasonal changes, this phenomenon will naturally disappear.

6, in order to maintain the bright color of the wooden door, it should be waxed regularly for maintenance. Indoor doors are afraid of water, kitchen toilets should pay attention, do not accumulate water, especially the bottom of the door cover.

7. Solid wood doors should prevent bumps and impacts. Do not hang heavy objects on the door leaf or avoid sharp objects bumping or scratching. Do not use excessive force when opening or closing the door leaf.

8. In the spring and winter, the indoor ventilation should be kept well, so that the wooden door is in a normal temperature and humidity environment, and the wooden door is prevented from being deformed due to excessive humidity and temperature difference. The metal fittings are exposed, the edge banding, and the facing material appear to fall off. At the same time, keep in mind that any interior door, including security doors, should be hot.

9. When painting the wall, cover the door to avoid the paint coating peeling off and fading the door facing material, which affects the overall appearance.

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