Home Decoration Door Installation Steps

- Sep 03, 2018 -

Measuring door

Measure the width, height, thickness, etc. of the door opening where the door is to be installed. The width (upper, middle, and lower points) is measured with a standard 5 meter tape measure, and then the height (left, middle, and right points) is measured, and then the minimum width and height are taken as the target size. Finally, measure the wall thickness and measure the thickness of the left and right wall surfaces and the top wall surface respectively, and take the maximum value as the target size.

Opening direction

The opening direction is divided into four directions: inner left, inner right, outer left, and outer right (except for sliding doors). You can initially choose a convenient direction according to your own habits. Note: After opening the door, the door leaf can't block the traffic line entering the room; the wall part blocked by the door leaf after opening the door can't have the circuit panel of the switch indoor light, should not be blocked by furniture, should not be close to the heating, water source and fire source, no It should be bumped with water tables, cabinets, etc. If the door is conditional, it must be opened outwards.

an examination

Detect the size of the door and the door cover, measure the thickness of the wall, the width and height of the door hole, and then measure the length of the top frame and the length of the frame of the finished door frame to see if it is appropriate with the reserved door opening, and check whether the interior door product has a cargo damage phenomenon. Check if the hole is regular and the wall is firm.

Door frame installation

Put the assembled door frame into the door hole as a whole, check whether it is vertical, connect the nail hole as a point, determine the position of the nail hole on the wall, fix the connecting piece to the wall with the element nail, and crevice in the door frame and the wall Inlaid into the wooden strip, the door frame and the wall are firmly connected.

Door hinge installation

First screw a screw on the upper and lower hinges, close the door to check whether the gap is suitable, check whether the door and the door are on the same plane, ensure that the door is consistently good, and the door leaf is not falling, and the other screws are tightened after the error. It is not allowed to screw the screw directly into the frame of the entry. When installing the door frame and the door leaf, ensure that the door door is consistently good. The door leaf and door lock switch are flexible, the gap around the door leaf is consistent, the connection gap is tight and firm, and the decorative surface is not damaged.

Line installation

The installation of the line can be determined according to the width of the wall and the door frame. If the wall is narrower than the frame, the side with the width of the line can be used against the wall. If the frame is narrower than the wall, the cover line can be removed on both sides of the line. The line is fixed with the nail and the back cover can be returned.

Door lock installation

Employ an experienced carpenter or install the lock master, open the hole according to the fixed distance template in the product manual, chisel support socket, lock plate and lock box hole. Check that the holes you have made are accurate and follow the steps in the product installation instructions. If the lock switch is found to be inflexible or unable to open after installation, the locksmith should be consulted in time so that the problem can be solved.

Door suction installation

First, select the appropriate position on the wall touched by the back of the door. On the wall root, according to the screw positioning center marked on the product hole, drill three holes in the wall, use a hammer to drive the expansion tube, and screw and suction the base. The plate is fixed to the wall with screws, and the suction cup shell is screwed into the screw to determine the position of the suction head. The suction head and the suction seat of the city are determined and drawn, the bottom of the suction head is fixed, and the suction head body is screwed into the bottom cover of the suction head. Finally completed.

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