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- Sep 03, 2018 -

Kitchen door, toilet door facing the bedroom door

The bedroom is a place to rest, it needs harmony and tranquility, and there must be no interference with water or fire. The toilet is very sullen, it is a dirty place, and the kitchen uses fire every day. Hot air, oily smoke, damp, dirty air rushing to the bedroom will destroy the cleanliness of the bedroom air. It is easy for people living in it to be nervous and suspicious. There will always be quarrels and even discomfort in the home.

Solution: Hang bamboo curtains or hang five emperor white jade money on the bedroom door. At the same time, a necessary prerequisite is to always close the door.

The toilet door is facing the gate

Feng Shui at the gate is very important. The gate is the mouth, the place where the gas is inhaled, and the angry entrance flows in the house. The toilet door is facing the gate, and the anger coming in from the gate will enter the toilet with heavy yin. The door of the toilet is like a big mouth, and the angry entrance that comes in from the door of the house will form a confrontation with anger and anger.

Solution: Before the decoration, pay attention to the toilet and the door can not be opposite. If such a pattern has been formed, this can be avoided by simply slanting the toilet door.

Residential front and rear doors

The front and rear doors of the house are relatively easy to dissipate, and the convective wind generated is cool, but the mouth that is inadvertently blows is slanted. Generally speaking, the living halls of the gas-filled houses are twisted and twisted, and the gathered gas is warm and warm, which is the good gas for raising the spirit, nourishing the gas and boosting the wealth.

Solution: The house has a back door that is staggered from the front door. The relative pattern has been formed between two doors, screens or decorative cabinets.

Bedroom door to bedroom door

The doorway of the bedroom is the switch of the energy of the bedroom owner to gather the wind. I am most afraid of the mouth. The Feng Shui thinks that the mouth is opposite and it is easy to make a tongue. It can be seen that the bedroom door is not good for the bedroom door. In this case, Feng Shui is not good. It is called "phase door". Easy to lead to family loss.

Solution: The easiest way to do this is to change one of the bedroom doors to a different position.

The door is facing the bedroom door

If you enter the door or you can see everything in the bedroom in the living room, the bedroom is a relatively secret place, and all the secrets are clearly seen. This makes people feel insecure, so the door to the bedroom door, It will make people who live in it feel paralyzed, not concentrated in their thoughts, and their emotions will be good or bad, and there will be more tongues and disobedience or quarrels leading to emotional dissonance.

Solution: Set the screen or porch, convert the gas field, or change the position of the bed, do not open the door to see the bed.

The door is facing the kitchen door

This is a big murder in home Feng Shui, the kitchen is a wealth, the door is the entrance to the qi, the place where family and friends enter and leave. When the door is facing the kitchen door, the kitchen will be exposed to the outside world, and the financial situation will be exhausted, which will lead to financial difficulties for the family.

Solution: Place a tall, leafy plant next to the kitchen door, or hang the Emperor's money on the kitchen door.

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