Hollow Louver Glass Product Features

- Oct 07, 2018 -

1, energy saving

Hollow louver glass is made of high-quality double-layer tempered glass composite with built-in imported aluminum louver and single handle magnetic control mechanism. In the summer, when the louver is adjusted to the closed state, the direct sunlight can be blocked, the convection of the hot and cold air can be blocked, and the energy consumption of the indoor air conditioner can be greatly reduced. In the winter, the louvers can be lifted, the sunlight can be directly irradiated, and the heat energy can be fully absorbed. The 20 mm barrier of the hollow layer will greatly increase the indoor warming temperature, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving and running cost. Louver insulating glass is a new energy-saving product that installs louvers in insulating glass. Venetian blinds are a kind of traditional heat-insulating products. Insulating glass is a kind of heat-insulating product formed in recent years. It combines traditional blinds with insulating glass to realize the operation of louvers by magnetically controlling the closing device and lifting device. This saves space and inconvenience, and also makes the glass door and window have good shading performance, improves the insulation performance of the insulating glass, and improves the indoor light environment.

2, dustproof, anti-smoke, pollution prevention

The product has the advantages of dustproof, smokeproof and anti-pollution. At the same time, due to the use of high-tech magnetic induction transmission system, the closing and opening of the louver is easier, and the louver does not need to be cleaned, saving time, labor and effort. The effect of money. The built-in louvered insulating glass door and window system creates a private and intimate space while unconsciously bringing you a quiet, comfortable and healthy environment.

3, fire resistance

In any building, traditional curtains are flammable, and in the event of a fire, curtains made of cloth, chemical fiber and other materials will release a large amount of toxic fumes when burned, causing indoor suffocation and casualties. The built-in louvered insulating glass is not only burnt by open flames, but also does not release smoke in the fire. Double-layer tempered glass and built-in aluminum-magnesium louver also have the function of blocking flame transmission, effectively reducing the incidence of fire, and is a reliable fireproof product.

4, sound insulation

According to the test, the insulating glass generally reduces the noise transmitted indoors to the room by about 25 decibels, while the single-handle magnetron built-in louver insulating glass will reduce the indoor noise and reduce the noise to 36 decibels, ensuring perfect sound insulation.

5, anti-frosting

In areas where the winter is colder, due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, frost glazing occurs in the general glass door and window system. The built-in louver insulating glass door and window system, due to its good air tightness and water tightness, isolates the phenomenon of moisture, effectively avoiding the freezing frost on the door and window glass system.

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