Glass Door Purchase

- Sep 11, 2018 -

1, look at the quality of glass:

Many times we have seen the glass door that we like, and we have forgotten to check the quality of it. The quality of the inspection is mainly to see if there is crack on the glass door, whether the thickness of the glass door meets the national standard and so on.

2, look at the door frame:

The door frame is the best thing to fix the glass door. We must ensure the quality of the door frame to ensure that the glass in the glass door will not fall and will not cause any harm. Currently, the glass door frame on the market mainly has Carbon steel materials, aluminum-magnesium alloy materials, aluminum-titanium alloy materials, among which aluminum-titanium alloy materials are the most sturdy, we prefer to choose such a door frame.

3, hardware accessories:

Although the hardware accessories are only a small device on the door, the hardware on the glass door can directly affect the overall appearance of the door, and can also determine the safety of the door. We are buying the glass door. At the time, we must first look at whether the hardware accessories of the glass door are loose, and whether the appearance of the hardware accessories is bright or so is a problem we need to consider.

4, the quality of the pulley:

If we buy a moving door, we must also consider the quality of the pulley. If the pulley is not good, it will affect the operation of our door. I suggest that you choose nylon or fiberglass pulleys. It can effectively reduce noise and is extremely durable when opening and closing the door.

5. After-sales service:

After purchase, try to ask the manufacturer to install it on site to avoid unnecessary losses caused by improper installation.

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