Frameless Glass Door Fittings Installation

- Sep 14, 2018 -

1. Positioning of the pay-off line: At the beginning of installation, the frameless glass door must be positioned for the fixed glass partition and the movable glass door fan. The position of the door frame is determined, and the ground level and the top level of the door frame are accurately measured.

2. Install the limit groove on the top of the frameless glass door frame: take the two metal decorative board edges from the center line of the bullet, and then install the limit groove at the top of the door frame according to the edge line.

3. Install the wooden bottom of the frameless glass door metal finish: nail the square wood on the original pre-buried wooden brick, or fix the square wood on the ground by expanding the bolts, and then use the universal glue to metal the veneer. Stick to the wooden side.

4. Install the rigid door frame: nail the door frame according to the center line of the bullet, and then use plywood to determine the size and position of the door frame column. When it is fixed, the metal decorative surface is then wrapped.

5, glass door leafless glass door installation: use a glass suction cup (or glass suction cup machine) to suck the thick glass, then hold the suction cup to lift the thick glass plate through 2 to 3 people and erect it to The installation site is in place.

6. Fixing the glass: Two flat square strips on the bottom and bottom of the bottom are sandwiched by thick glass, but a gap of about 4 mm is required from the thick glass plate, and then the universal glue is applied on the flat wooden strip. The veneered sheet metal is stuck on the square wood and the two flat wooden strips.

7. Injection glass seal: Inject the glass glue into the gaps on both sides of the top root groove and on both sides of the glass tray and the joint between the thick glass and the door frame column.

8. Docking between glass of frameless glass door: thick glass plate with fixed part, because the width is too large, it must be assembled by two or more pieces. The two pieces of aligned stitching must form seams and seams. Should leave a distance of 2 ~ 3mm.

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