Four Elements Of The Original Wooden Door

- Aug 09, 2018 -


"Wang" is mainly for the choice of the color of the original wooden door. We know that there are many kinds of wooden doors on the market, but the most are solid wood composite doors and original wood doors. General high-grade solid wood composite doors, the door core is mostly high-quality white pine, the surface is solid wood veneer. The original wooden door is made of natural logs from the forest, without filling. The two kinds of wooden doors are not different from the appearance, but if you want to visually distinguish the solid composite doors and the original wooden doors, it is not irregular. Original wood doors, because the original wooden doors are made of whole piece of wood, so you can judge by observing the front and back texture of the wooden door. If it is a wooden door, the front and back textures of the door will be coherent and match each other.


"Smell" refers to the smell emitted by the original wooden door. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, there are more and more synthetic materials. Solid wood composite doors require a large amount of adhesives and other chemicals due to the filling of the door core and the splicing of the components. These substances emit serious toxic gases such as methanol. Harm our health.



The wood used in the market has different wood and processing methods, and most of the original wooden doors are difficult to guarantee in stability. The scientific treatment of wood can ensure the reduction of the deformation coefficient of wood, making the structure of the wooden door more sturdy and durable, meeting the requirements of different climatic environments. Therefore, we should have doubts when choosing a wooden door. What kind of wood is used for this type of wood door? Where is it from? How is it processed before the finished product is manufactured? The original wooden door is a product processed through multiple links and multiple processes. Every processing technology is very important, which determines the beauty and service life of the wooden door. In terms of quality, a good original wooden door should have scientific design and manufacturing methods, superb facade technology as a prerequisite.


"Cut" is nothing more than a choice of the original wooden door from the touch. The materials of the door leaf made by the original wooden door are all of the same species and are uniform inside and outside. Also on the carved road surface of the wooden door, whether the carving is exquisite, whether the floating line has a hand or not reflects the quality of the wooden door. Therefore, before purchasing the original wooden door, we can gently slide the finger through the turning interface and the carved road of the door to see if the wooden door interface has splicing and cracking, and whether the carving is rough.

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