Fire Curtain Roll Door Installation Precautions

- Aug 15, 2018 -

The installation of the fire shutter door is quite important, and the following points need special attention during installation.

First, the fire shutter door power supply

The power supply for fire shutter doors shall be fire power; the cross-sectional area of power supply and control conductors, insulation resistance, circuit laying and protection pipe materials shall meet the requirements of the code. The overcurrent protection setting value of the fire shutter door power supply device should meet the design requirements.

Second, the fire shutter controller

A fire shutter door controller is installed on the fire shutter door to control the fire shutter door to perform operations such as up, down, and stop. It is also necessary to set a manual button on both sides (except for the inoperable side of the personnel) to control the lifting, lowering and stopping of the electric fire shutter door, and to lift the function of the fire shutter door after the fire shutter door fire is closed and closed, and the fire shutter door is raised in place. After that, it should be able to automatically restore the original off state.

Third, the fire alarm system of the shutter door:

The fire shutter door shall be equipped with an automatic alarm control system. The electric fire shutter door shall be provided with an automatic closing control device. The fire shutter door used in the evacuation passage shall be controlled by the detector to descend or descend to 1.5m to 1.8m and then delay. In the end, the roller blind used for fire separation only should be lowered one step at a time. The manual quick release device, the arm force of the fire shutter door manual quick release device is not more than 50N; the fire control room should have the forced electric fire shutter door lowering function (emergency operation) The device) displays its state; the opening and closing device of the fire shutter door installed on the evacuation passage should be capable of manual mechanical lifting after the fire is cut off to lower the closed fire shutter door, and the fire shutter door can be restored to its original closed state by its own weight. Manual fire shutter doors are manually lowered to a traction of no more than 150N.

After installing the fire shutter door, be sure to check the above equipment and pay attention to the following matters. Connect the fire control center signal line to the fire shutter door controller to completely fire the fire shutter linkage function.

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