Ecological Door Environmental Standards

- Aug 26, 2018 -

Ecology is one of the biggest features of ecological gates. The ecological door made of aluminum-magnesium alloy metal eliminates all environmental and health problems that customers are worried about. Apart from the harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toxic glue and paint that may be contained in wood products, there is a lot of public responsibility. Conscious customers choose metal materials instead of wood, which is more important for the protection of the ecological environment, metal, recyclable, and will not cause damage to nature due to our decoration. Speaking of it, I also made a promotion ambassador for environmental protection, which is also one of the industry ethics we admire.

Unusual texture and quality are undoubtedly reflected in the ecological door of the famous. The high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy skeleton, with the cool texture of post-modern metal, exquisite frame treatment and surface gloss, makes my design more stable and mysterious.

The unique decoration style is not the same. The eco door uses more metal and other environmentally friendly materials. It breaks through the previous single style in style, and has more plasticity in surface color, color and three-dimensional sense. It has become a highlight in my style choice. .

Energy-saving sound insulation, fire and corrosion resistance, sealed energy saving, never fade, can provide customers with more practical functions.

Ecology and life are the ones. The respect and attention to ecology and originality are derived from the continuous pursuit of a better life.

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