Ecological Door Considerations

- Aug 27, 2018 -

In the hot summer home, the ecological door has reached an unbearable season, with thermal expansion and contraction, violent storms, preventing the ecological door from immersing in the water for a long time. The ecological door is prone to deformation, causing cracking, deformation, and peeling of the patent leather. Prevent strong force from hitting the door frame and door leaf surface.

It is understood that the density of the material in the process of growing wood is uneven. During the installation and use, due to the change of weather, the painted surface on the facade hinders the air from entering the interior of the wood fiber, and the wood will be in the humid air. It is eroded and deformed and cracked by external force. Generally, manufacturers use high temperature and high pressure drying methods to make the wood not deformed and not rot. Thereby achieving the waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics. In addition, the process of applying the primer three times of the top coat can ensure the smoothness of the paint surface and avoid collapse, thereby ensuring the effect and quality of the ecological door.

The more obvious the wood products expand when the temperature is high, so the maintenance of the ecological door should prevent cracking and deformation. Evenly applying the protective wax and special cleaning agent to the surface of the ecological door will not only make the ecological door more lustrous, but also prevent moisture. In addition, timely remove the moisture in the room, open the window to ventilate the air or use some dehumidification products such as activated carbon. In the hot summer, try to avoid wiping the ecological door with a damp cloth and the ecological door can not be closed.

As the peak period of decoration in summer, the temperature is relatively high, and the circulation of air is beneficial to the decoration. The selection of the ecological gate in summer can just test the production quality of the ecological gate. First pay attention to the thickness of the ecological door, about 40mm, so that the door can remain undistorted. Secondly, pay attention to the material of the ecological door, gently tapping, the mellow and textured sound indicates that the ecological door is of good quality. The last thing is to pay attention to the ecological door painting process, feel good, shiny, uniform color, so that the ecological door can make consumers satisfied.

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