Ecological Door

- Aug 25, 2018 -

According to the strict sense, all doors made of renewable materials and harmless to the human body and nature can be called ecological gates. Therefore, ecological gates should include bamboo gates (because bamboo has a short growth cycle) and low carbon. Doors, aluminum-wood doors (here only refers to recyclable aluminum doors), but the ecological doors in China are mainly embodied in aluminum doors. On the structural materials, the door and the door of the ecological door are made of high-tech aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy material. The surface is anodized and has a certain hardness, so as to be wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, anti-deformation and anti-fading. There are certain improvements that last longer than normal wooden doors. The door core structure inside the eco door is made of aluminum honeycomb (also used with West German cork, such as top solid). The aluminum honeycomb is made of high-performance aluminum, which is a high-grade material. Because the honeycomb is very strong, the whole person Standing on the aluminum honeycomb, the aluminum honeycomb does not stay, so it can be never deformed. In addition, the aluminum honeycomb has better functions of sound insulation, moisture proof and fire prevention. In addition, the eco-door facade material is an important factor in the eco-environment of eco-doors. Although different enterprises use different materials, they all meet the E1 or E0 standards required by the state, so as to ensure the standards of human health and eco-friendly home. The surface of the ecological door leaf panel has many unique style patterns, such as painting, embossing, sanding, and even personalized image making surface, which provides consumers with a large free choice.

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