Eco-door Industry Prospects

- Aug 25, 2018 -

Ecological gates have long been popularized in the West. Many European and American countries regard the use of ecological gates as a symbol of modern environmental life. Therefore, they have been popularized in many films, such as Italy's "Charm", the United States' "Desperate Express" and "The United States." The Pirates of the Dream space, the traces of the ecological door can be seen everywhere. Similarly, in China, the ecological door is also blooming everywhere. Many people with taste and style will choose this fashionable, durable, environmentally friendly and green product. It can be said that with the development of the times, the ultimate destination of the ecological door should be to enter every family in China, and we fully believe in the great future of the ecological door!

Nowadays, the main gates of the door industry market are solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors and strengthened doors, and the ecological door will enter the door industry with new things. From the current market situation, the development of the ecological door is very rapid, then its Is it possible to replace or become one of the other three most popular doors?

New things in any industry must have strong vitality to make a certain impact on old things, but it is difficult to completely replace them in a short time. Whether it is solid wood doors or intensive doors, they have been active in the market for many years, and each has its own characteristics, which are in line with the tastes of consumers, so it can be said that consumers have formed certain habits. Therefore, it can be said that the ecological door will not replace the other in the short term, but it is undeniable that the prospect of the ecological door is very considerable. The advantages of the ecological door are in line with the hobbies of the contemporary people, such as the design concept of 'material saving, environmental protection, low carbon' and high The simulation of the digital spraying process, etc., these are the key to the ecological door will be in the market.

The ecological door meets the international green environmental protection standards, and its substrate performance is stable, no cracking, no deformation, and at the same time it has environmental protection and health functions. The wood grain technology of the ecological door is completely based on the solid wood door, the effect is very real, the surface wood grain is clear and layered, the color is bright, not easy to fall off and sun discoloration.

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