Door Type Of Solid Wood Composite Door

- Aug 02, 2018 -

By face material

There are mainly walnut, cherry, sapele, shadow wood, maple, teak, ash, ebony, rosewood, crape myrtle, zebra, science and wood, pine, fir and so on.

By function

There are mainly entrance doors, bedroom doors, study doors, kitchen doors, apartment rooms, corridor doors, office and commercial doors, hotel doors and so on.

By way of opening

1. Slide rail door: It is opened horizontally and does not take up space. Mainly used for kitchen doors, bathroom doors, balcony doors.

2, hinge door: steering open, mainly used for entry doors, bedroom doors, office doors.

By surface treatment

1. Baiqimen: There is no door to paint. After buying it, you need to find the oil painter to paint it by hand. Because of the brushing of the hand, the quality of the door is lowered.

2, paint door: also known as the finished door, the paint door has been painted in the factory, can be installed directly.


By door form

1. Flat door: The edge of the door is flat. The traditional door is all flat door. Due to the opening of the lock, there must be a gap of 3 mm between the door and the door frame.

2, T-port: a new type of door imported from Europe, the edge of the door is a T-shaped mouth, the protruding part is pressed on the door cover, and is equipped with a sealing strip, the sealing sound insulation effect is good, the overall appearance is beautiful.

By door type and process

1. Plate type door: It is closed type, no perspective light transmission point, and is mostly used for door and bedroom door. This door can engrave concave line and make convex line. The shape is beautiful and generous, and the integrity is good.

2, core board door: in the middle of the door is equipped with one or more core boards, convex, three-dimensional artistic.

3, full glass door: glass door as the main door, the door has only four sides and dock, the rest are made of glass, with bright light, good permeability, rich in artistry and appreciation.

4, half glass door: the above half is glass, the lower half is plate type, with proper transparency.

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