Domestic Market For Fire Shutter Doors

- Aug 20, 2018 -

First, inorganic super-grade fire shutters dominate the market.

After the entry of inorganic fiber fire shutters into the market, the situation of steel fire shutters "ruling" the market was broken, although in recent years some companies have made innovations in steel fire shutters such as water spray cooling devices, but due to steel Fire shutters can not meet the requirements of fire compartment separation and heavy weight, and can not fully meet the fire protection requirements of modern buildings. Many places require the use of inorganic super-grade fire shutters, making the use of steel fire shutters less and less, inorganic Premium fire shutters are widely used.

Second, 90% are curtain production enterprises.

There are many manufacturers of fire shutters, but many of them are companies that produce curtains, and then purchase parts such as reels for assembly. There are few companies that can independently produce all the main parts of fire shutters. It is understood that such enterprises account for 90%. Companies that specialize in the production of curtains revealed that the profit margin of curtain production is low, mainly relying on quantity to win.

Third, the products are mixed.

Fire shutters are an emergency fire prevention equipment. Therefore, if there is no fire, it is impossible to know the quality of the products, and the inspection technology of fire shutters is more professional. Many developers simply do not know how to choose. Some companies have used this to cut corners or "stealing the column" to produce fake and shoddy fire shutters, and the market supervision is not in place, making the fire shutter products on the market mixed.

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