Disadvantages And Conservation Of Ecological Doors

- Aug 26, 2018 -


Since the beginning of the ecological world, it has always been a good name. Chinese people's decoration styles are mostly Chinese, and European style. Only a few fashionable young people can match with pure modern style, and most of them are also contradictory to the simple shape and cold touch of the ecological door, but also deterred from the high price of ecological doors. .



1. Prevent indoor doors from being soaked in water for a long time, especially at the lower end of the door panel. For the problem of moisture protection, the finished interior doors produced by many manufacturers have done a good job, and the waterproof performance has been greatly improved. For example, many manufacturers have added moisture-proof panels, so that the indoor door moisture-proof problem has been further improved. A good solution, so that the bottom of the kitchen and bathroom door sets are no longer afraid of water accumulation.

2, to maintain the cleanliness of the surface of the eco-door, you can do a surface cleaning treatment once a month, so that you can keep the gloss of the whole door bright and new.

3. Prevent strong force from hitting the door frame and door leaf surface.

4, the protection of the leather door: the leather surface with high-grade leather cleaning liquid (such as Bi Lizhu) to clean it, and then spray with high-grade brightener, remember to touch the water, and should avoid contact with acid and alkali to avoid damage to the leather surface.

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