Design Points Of The Iron Gate

- Sep 18, 2018 -

Iron gate design points

According to the use of wrought iron gates, it can be divided into manual wrought iron gates and electric (remote control) wrought iron gates. According to other classification standards, the most popular wrought iron gates are: forged wrought iron gates, cast iron gates, hot-dip galvanized iron gates, hot-dip galvanized iron gates, and hot-spray zinc-iron gates. Of course, there are many other classification methods, such as swing-type wrought iron gates, translational wrought iron gates, and so on.

The door of the iron gate can be divided into door pipe, door flower and hinge parts. The main features of the door part are its appearance, shape and material. The high-quality wrought iron door gives people a thick, rough, durable, simple and solemn feeling. At the same time, its color and fancy are full of artistic sense.

The iron gate is divided into two types of opening and pushing and pulling. It is mainly made of steel or iron material. It is made by casting, forging and other processes. The shape is diverse and beautiful, and the decoration is strong.

There are 4 types of wrought iron swing doors, each type includes 900 to 8400mm 12 kinds of door width, 1500 ~ 3000mm 6 kinds of door leaf mark height, a total of 72 kinds of door type for design selection.

The wrought-iron sliding door is divided into two types: one-way and two-way. The one-way push-pull specification has 3,000-8400mm 9 kinds of door width, 1500~2400mm four kinds of door leaf mark height and 36 kinds of door type; the two-way push-pull door has 6000~14400mm 7 kinds of door width. 1500 ~ 2400mm 4 kinds of door leaf mark height a total of 28 kinds of door type for design selection.

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