Design Points For Office Partitions

- Oct 03, 2018 -

Design points for office partitions

1. The most important thing about the office partition wall is the problem of a private space. It is generally necessary to divide the office space. Divide into different areas, according to different teams, or according to different groups. The work area should also be divided into the area of the meeting. Generally speaking, there must be a certain amount of space when working, and there must be a certain amount of space when meeting. Other group leaders or small leaders, they have to have their own space, which is often referred to as a small office. You can make a partition between the reception room and the conference hall. The sound insulation effect of the partition wall must be good, otherwise it will be very messy.

2. In the design elements of the office partition wall, the second one is the public space. In many offices, the shared part is pitiful. When I come in, I say the lobby and the office. There is no conversion process in between. A long time will make people feel very boring and very boring. A good design requires spatial transformation and transition. It is an aisle and a corridor, and the overall environment of the entire office has to come out with a good effect. A conversion is needed between public space and private space. Making a partition wall between public space and private space can be a good transformation of space. The partition wall generally uses double glass louvers and frosted glass.


3, the spatial layout pays attention to the principle of balance, the design pays attention to horizontal and vertical arrangement and color contrast. Flexible combination with different colors and materials.

4, the design pays attention to the details, a refined design can not be separated from the fine details. Artificial light sources cannot replace natural sunlight, and space needs to be able to express light. Light can change the personality of space.

5. In the management personnel area, the glass office partition is used to divide the area into independent spaces. Transparent glass and louver curtains can bring a sense of distance to the staff. At the same time, the walls of the room are shared, so the space use efficiency will be greatly improved.

6. The main office area of the employees corresponding to each department can use low partitions, and then cooperate with office facilities to plan the office space to the original shape. Taking into account the large number of staff in the office area, lighting and ventilation are particularly important, while also taking into account employee privacy.

7. The financial room, conference room and reception room are quiet places. They can be divided by solid partition walls or frosted glass, and the sound insulation function is enhanced.

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