Decorative Fireproof Materials

- Aug 21, 2018 -

1: Fire door

Generally, fire doors are used for firewall openings, stairwell entrances and exits, evacuation walkways, pipe well openings, etc., which play an important role in fire separation and reduction of fire damage.

 2: Fireproof ceiling

Fire-rated ceilings are installed at building exits, stairwells and corridors to ensure safe evacuation during fires and to protect people from spreading fires.

 3: Fire shutter

In the inconvenient setting of the firewall in the building, the fire shutter can be set. The fire shutter generally has good functions of fireproofing, heat insulation, smoke, pressure, anti-aging and abrasion resistance.

 4: Fireproof glass

Fireproof glass has good light transmission performance and fire resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation performance. Common fireproof glass has three kinds of laminated composite fireproof glass, wired fireproof glass and hollow fireproof glass.

5: Fireproof coating

It has good protection for the substrate and is suitable for use in visible fires such as kitchens and in the installation of flammable panels such as wooden cabinets and floors.

Structural fireproof coatings are used for fire retardant coatings on steel structures, concrete structures (concrete), and wood structures.

Finished fire retardant coatings are commonly used as protective materials for flammable substrates, such as those used in wood, appliance surfaces, cable surface fire barriers, and other finishing materials.

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