Daily Maintenance Of Solid Wood Doors

- Aug 01, 2018 -

As an important part of modern home decoration, solid wood doors have been adopted by more and more families, especially the high-grade solid wood doors, which not only appear to be luxurious, but also give people a sense of fullness and heavy weight, so they are loved by everyone. However, the average person only checks some materials and price comparison information when buying solid wood doors, but few people pay attention to the maintenance problems after installation, especially in the winter, if you do not pay attention, it is easy because of indoor temperature and use. The problem caused the solid wood door to break. So how do you effectively maintain solid wood doors in winter?

First of all, in the summer, the solid wood door is smoked by the heat of the summer. As soon as it enters the autumn and winter, the temperature difference changes greatly, so it is necessary to frequently replenish the water.


Second, the room ventilation is good, is also the key to the maintenance of solid wood doors, but pay attention to ventilation time and indoor and outdoor temperature difference, short time, no effect, too long will have side effects.

Third, the indoor temperature should not be too high, many families use geothermal, although the room is very warm, but it is very hurt for the solid wood door, because the geothermal basically reaches 23 degrees or more, while the interior is warm, but at the same time It is drier.


Fourth, for the above problems, most households use a humidifier to solve them. Although this is a very effective method, it is good for people to have furniture, but it is often caused by improper use.

The correct method is: the humidifier should be placed at least two meters away from the wooden door. It is necessary to set the humidification time and the humidification amount. It is best to fix the time every day.


Fifth, the best way is to maintain a professional maintenance agent containing plant extracts, which can lock in moisture. For those high-end solid wood doors, this is the preferred method.

Sixth, waxing the solid wood door is also a good way, and it is bright and protective. It can be said that it is two birds with one stone.

Seventh, when wiping the solid wood door, it was found that the stain was too heavy, and there was no ready-made curing agent at hand. The toothpaste could be temporarily replaced and removed.


Eighth, when switching solid wood doors, we must pay attention to the excessive force, strong vibration is the most deadly damage of solid wood doors.

Ninth, should not be used in general household cleaning agents (such as washing powder, detergent, etc.) to wipe the wooden door, such chemical products for solid wood doors, is equivalent to poison.

Tenth, do not use oily hands or cloth to touch the solid wood door, as this will block the vent hole of the solid wood door, the appearance looks like locking the moisture inside, but the oil will penetrate into it, but the water will be squeezed. come out.

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