Custom Non-standard Door Measurement Considerations

- Aug 30, 2018 -

Custom non-standard door measurement considerations

1. The width of the non-standard door opening in our market is basically around 2100 2380, and the height of the door opening is about 2720 2900. In order to ensure the smooth, atmospheric, practical and basic proportion of the entrance and exit of the gate, the overall beauty, in the reserved door opening or the renovation of the old house Please pay attention to the above dimensions when you are in the door. (For the renovation of the old house, the old door has not been removed, and the door should be noticed when the door is rebuilt)

2, the decorative effect of the imitation copper luxury door cover is more atmospheric, beautiful and luxurious. At present, many customers choose it. If the installation site allows, you can consider it.

3. According to the folk tradition and Feng Shui, the level of the back door is generally about 5 points higher than the front door. When copying the horizontal line, pay attention to these.

4. When signing a good contract with the customer and need to measure the size of the door opening, the customer must be clear about the 5----12 items to ensure that the dimensional measurement work can be performed quickly and accurately.

5. The horizontal line must be copied accurately. The determination of the horizontal line is negotiated with the master of the bricklayer before the measurement. According to the overall height of the indoor and outdoor housing, the thickness of the floor tile and the horizontal smoothness of the original floor in the house, the water hose or laser level is accurately measured. Make a wake-up call.


6. The outer wall surface and the inner wall surface have been painted once, and the thickness is basically uniform. Firstly, how to decorate the outer wall: dry hanging marble (total thickness 6 cm) Note (the total thickness is already included in the surface layer and the filler material during construction increases) Thickness); wet hanging marble (total thickness 4 total); ordinary outer wall brick (total thickness 2.5 cm), the above three cases must be tiling before installing the door. The latter is a special case. It is necessary to install the door and then affix the brick. (The above is the case in the basic plane. If the outer wall is not flat, the dust should be thickened. The actual measurement should be based on the master of the bricklayer.) .

7, the interior wall decoration generally has four types: dry hanging marble (total thickness 6 cm); wet hanging marble (total thickness 4 cm); ordinary interior wall tiles (total thickness 2.5 cm); or only paint (normal putty ash) The total thickness of the applied coating layer is generally 0.8 cm). The inner wall must be installed before the door can be constructed (the above is the case in the basic plane, if the inner wall is not flat, the dust should be thickened, the actual measurement should be based on the master of the bricklayer).

8. Before determining the renovation construction plan and materials, please consult with the designers, construction personnel and family members. Do not change them easily after confirming. Especially after our company has measured, otherwise it will not guarantee the installation effect (the customer will bear the cost of adding accessories or construction remediation). Under normal circumstances, when the customer wants to change the construction method of the inner and outer walls, Be sure to notify the company's business staff to re-determine the depth dimension within 24 hours of the measurement.

9. If the outer wall surface is not hemp brick, the wall brick must be attached before the non-standard door installation. When tiling, it should be covered as much as possible. The maximum allowable from the outer edge of the door wall to the edge of the upper and lower sides. 3 cm (to ensure the effect of the edge of the rim on the wall); another: when the installation of the imitation copper door cover, the maximum allowable from the outer edge of the door wall to the edge of the upper and left sides of the tiling part 18 cm ( In order to ensure that the edge of the edging is fastened to the wall surface).


10. When the inner wall of the product is installed, the thickness of the ash layer should be adjusted so that the brick surface is on the same level as the back of the door frame. When tiling, the back side of the vertical beam of the door frame is used as the horizontal reference of the wall surface, and the two sides are spread out during construction. In order to avoid the unevenness of the tile on the same surface as the water level on the back of the door frame (if the construction is done on both sides, the right angle of the tile and the tile at the corner can be very beautiful).

11. When there is a copper-like luxury door cover configuration, it is necessary to ensure that the size of the edge from the plane of the ceiling to the top of the door hole is more than 36 cm from the completion of the construction. The ceiling construction must be carried out after the installation of the imitation copper door cover, and the top of the copper door cover is The optimum distance for the ceiling is between 5 and 10 cm. Consider this size when ceiling. (The distance is too small, the pressure is compact, the distance is too empty, and it is not continuous.) In addition, please inform the company's business personnel when the size of the window cover exceeds 10 cm. This will not be suitable for ordinary edging. Guaranteed results.

12. The net height of the sash in the window of the same door on an external wall must be determined after the non-standard door is installed ("the window is fixed"), so as to ensure the height of the middle beam of the door frame and the height of the middle beam of the window. It is in a parallel straight line position (the highest point of the door leaf is on the same line as the highest point of the sash), so that the overall effect is harmonious and beautiful. Preventing the difference between the height of the door leaf and the sash is too much, resulting in the unevenness of the ginseng. The height and the low sag seriously affect the decorative effect of the exterior wall of the whole building. If the door and window are required to be constructed at the same time because of the construction schedule, please ask the manufacturer who produces the window to ask the non-standard door manufacturer when determining the height of the window sash.

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