Copper Door Installation Method

- Sep 16, 2018 -

Filling the cement door with a cement method:

1. Because the copper door frame is hollow, in order to make the copper door more firm, the cement must be filled in the hollow of the door frame, and the door should be closed before filling the concrete. Please pay attention to the opening surface of the door leaf, and the paper pad should be added between the door frame and the door leaf.

2. The filling cement should not be excessive, otherwise the door frame will be deformed, which will affect the use and opening of the door.

3. After 24 hours, remove the paper pad, gently open the door leaf, use a screwdriver to scrape the cement in the hole in the frame, and then cover the mounting hole.

Install the copper door using the mounting piece:

1. Remove the door leaf, put the door frame into the door hole, and use the horizontal ruler to check whether it is placed flat. If it is not smooth, use a wooden mat to level it.

2. With the inner door side as the reference side, rotate the mounting piece on the door frame rib to be perpendicular to the door frame, bend the mounting piece and fix it to the wall with cement nails.

3. Put the inner door on the door frame and lock it. When ensuring the flatness, fix the inner door lock side mounting piece to the wall.

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