Concealed Door Installation Considerations

- Sep 05, 2018 -

In order to achieve the best results and ease of use, please pay attention to 7 points during installation.

1. Take the handle and lock on the side that does not need to be hidden. If you have to press the handle on the hidden side, then choose a decorative handle. It is best not to install the door handle, but without the handle to conveniently control the opening and closing of the door? The most reasonable way is to use multi-function hydraulic hinges, concealed hinges, floor springs, touch pop-ups and door closers;

2. The key to the invisible door is the hydraulic hinge or the hidden hinge. It not only rotates between the connecting door and the wall, but also has a strong bearing capacity, so choose a hard and high quality hydraulic hinge or hidden hinge. Particularly important.

3. Door closers, to make up for the defects that are not used by the handle, it can avoid the damage of the door panel or the door cover by slowly closing the door automatically.

4. The ground spring is mainly used for the stealth door of the 360 degree central axis rotation, and its fixing property is relatively stable.

5. The touch type rebounder is used to open the invisible door, which is not required for the open type.

6. In order to maintain occasional indoor ventilation, you can press a door so that the door can be kept open, and families with conditions can consider the fresh air system.

7. Make sure that the door panel is aligned with the wall outwards. In the same horizontal plane, the transition zone is smooth and unobtrusive, and the gap is narrow, like a complete wall.

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