Common Home Decoration Door

- Sep 02, 2018 -

Common home decoration door

Security door

The anti-theft security door is produced according to national standards. The steel door, metal door and entrance door are produced according to the enterprise standard. Therefore, seeing the standard has become the first step for consumers to identify the security door. Open the door and see if there is a sign of the anti-theft security door in the upper corner of the inner door. Pay attention to the "anti-theft security door". If there is no such sign or the metal door, steel door or entrance door, it is not a security door.

Solid Wood Door

Solid wood door means that the material used to make the wooden door is natural wood or solid wood composite material taken from the forest. Most of the selected wood is precious wood, such as walnut, teak, red oak, ash, Sapele, etc. Scientific processing of cutting, planing, boring, drilling, high-speed milling, assembly, grinding, painting, etc.


Solid wood composite door

That is to say, the door is made of pine, fir or imported filling material, and the outer density board and solid wood veneer are made by high temperature hot pressing and sealed with solid wood lines. The high-grade solid wood composite door core is mostly made of high-quality wood, and the surface is solid wood veneer. Lighter, less prone to deformation, cracking, heat preservation, impact resistance, flame retardant, sound insulation.

Molded door

The molded wooden door is mechanically pressed from two high-density fiber molded door panels with styling and simulated wood grain. The molded wooden door is decorated with wood veneer and brushed with “varnish”, which maintains the natural texture of the wood. It can also be used for panel mosaic, which is beautiful, lively and economical.

Plywood door

The middle is a light skeleton, and the doors of the thin plates with plywood, fiberboard, and molded plates on both sides are generally interior doors. The door frame is made of wood, and then the two sides of the frame are filled with plywood. The three plywoods are extremely wood, poplar, elm, ash, teak, oak, etc., with a thickness of about 4-6 mm, and should not be used as an outer door.

Steel wooden door

The steel-wood door is made of steel and wood. The door leaf is made of steel plate. Some of them are welded. The door frame is usually the decorative surface of the steel sleeve. The surface is made of paint-free door. It is a common indoor door for the family.

Glass door

The glass door is a special type of door leaf. First of all, its thickness is not enough to be a solid door, and it is not a shaped door. It is a special form of door leaf. Glass door tempered glass and ordinary float glass are generally made of glass with a thickness of 12 mm (mm). The tempered glass is both strong and safe.

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