Classification Of Soundproof Doors

- Apr 10, 2018 -

1. The soundproof door wall adopts 1.5mm thick cold rolled steel plate.

2. The outer surface of the soundproof door wall is degreased, phosphated, and spray treated

3, soundproof door wall selection 8 cm peak sound-absorbing cotton.

4. Acoustic panels are used for the sound insulation door wall sandwich.

5, wall sandwich selection of multi-density density fire protection, environmental protection sound-absorbing cotton, MDF, damping plate.

6. Soundproof box Adopt steam moving opening device, and leave the signal adapter hole of 50MM in diameter after the box.

The soundproof door complies with the requirements for the design of soundproof doors in the Noise Control Design Standards for Industrial Enterprises. It has strong sound insulation and high strength, and in order to prevent the vibration of soundproof plates, special anti-vibration processing is adopted to greatly improve the sound insulation. Sound effect.

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