Classification Of Rolling Doors

- Oct 05, 2018 -

1. According to the open type, the rolling door can be divided into: manual roller blind and electric roller blind.

Manual roller blind: balance the force with the torsion spring on the central axis of the roller blind to achieve the purpose of manually pulling the roller blind.

Electric roller blind: The special motor is used to drive the central axis of the roller blind to rotate, reaching the roller shutter switch, and automatically stops when it is turned to the upper and lower limits set by the motor.

2, according to the material of the door, the rolling door can be divided into: aluminum alloy rolling door, crystal rolling door, stainless steel rolling door, color steel rolling door, PVC rolling door and so on.

Aluminum alloy shutter door

The unique material and structure design of the roller blinds of aluminum alloy rolling shutters can effectively prevent strong light and ultraviolet radiation, completely solve the greenhouse effect of sunlight on the interior, apply to various climate and weather changes, and have long-term indoor environment. The protective effect has been tested to show that the shuttering rate of the shutters and windows can reach 100%, and the blocking rate of the temperature can reach more than 95%.

Color steel shutter door

The door panel is made of color steel plate, aluminum alloy plate or composite plate, and door panels of different thickness are selected according to the width of the door opening. A lighting window and a door (small door) can be added as needed.

Crystal shutter door

Curtains are made from engineering plastics made of polycarbonate (pc bulletproof rubber). The crystal shutter door has a certain waterproof and windproof effect. The connecting ribs of the aluminum alloy enhance the protective effect, and are available in specifications such as frosted, transparent and colored.

Stainless steel roller shutter

It has beautiful color, smooth and horizontal embossed design, and has a layered three-dimensional effect; the door surface is treated with baking paint to make the door panel more durable; various installation methods are available for selection, installation is simple, construction speed is fast, and the construction period is saved. , can save costs by single curtain replacement.

PVC roller shutter

Also known as the fast rolling door, it is made of PV material. It runs very fast and reaches 0.6 m/s. It can be quickly isolated to ensure the air quality of the workshop. It has many functions such as heat preservation, cold preservation, insect proof, windproof, dustproof, soundproof, fireproof, anti-odor, lighting, etc., and is widely used in food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarkets. , freezing, logistics, warehousing and other places, can meet high-performance logistics and clean places, and save energy, high-speed automatic shutdown, improve work efficiency, create a better working environment.

3, according to the installation form, the rolling door can be divided into: wall, wall side (or inside the door hole, outside the door hole).

4. According to the opening direction, the rolling door can be divided into two types: upper roll and side roll.

5. According to the application, the rolling door can be divided into: ordinary rolling door, windproof rolling door, fire shutter door, fast rolling door, electric Australian (mute) rolling door.

6. According to the fire rating, the rolling door is classified as follows:

According to GB14102 "General Technical Conditions for Steel Rollers", ordinary steel roller blinds are divided into: F1 grade, fire resistance time 1.50h; F2 grade, fire resistance time 2.0h. Composite steel roller blinds are divided into: F3 grade, fire resistance time 2.50h, F4 grade, fire resistance time 3.00h.

According to the national standard "Fire Test Method for Doors and Rolling Curtains" GB7633, the fire resistance test is carried out to meet the requirements of various judgment conditions including the temperature rise of the backfire surface. The fire resistance limit is ≥3.0h, which is called the special grade roller blind. The general name is the ordinary rolling shutter in which the temperature rise of the back fire surface is used as the judgment condition.

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