Classification Of Fire Shutter Doors

- Aug 17, 2018 -


The fire shutter door has the same level of fire separation as the firewall. It consists of a curtain, a seat plate, a guide rail, a support, a reel, a box, a control box, a roller door, a limiter, a door sill, a manual quick release switch device, The button switch and the safety device are composed of 13 parts, which are generally installed in places that are inconveniently separated by a firewall. For example, open elevator halls, escalators, large business halls of department stores, exhibition halls of exhibition buildings, and large openings in buildings cannot be used for fire doors and windows. Fireproof shutter doors have been widely used in construction projects.

Fire shutter doors are indispensable fire protection facilities in modern high-rise buildings. In addition to the functions of ordinary doors, fire doors have special functions of fire prevention, smoke separation, suppression of fire spread, and protection of personnel evacuation. They are widely used in high-rise buildings, large shopping malls, etc. Intensive occasions.


The types of fire shutter doors mainly include composite steel fire shutters (fire and smoke), inorganic super-grade fire shutters (double rail double curtains), steel composite water jet steam-type fire shutters, steel composite lateral fire protection. Roller blinds, steel composite horizontal fire shutters, inorganic super-folded fire shutters and fire shutters with various curtain doors.

By material

Steel, composite, inorganic, etc.

By installation form

In the wall, on the side of the wall (or inside the hole, outside the hole).

Press the opening direction

Both roll up and side roll.

There is no national standard for the classification of fireproof performance of fire shutters. GB14102 "General technical conditions for steel fire shutters" divides ordinary steel fire shutters into: but the current implementation standard is GB14102-2008 "fire shutter" standard.

Level 1, fire resistance time 1.50h

F2 grade, fire resistance time 2.0h

Fold edit this paragraph composite type

F3 grade, fire resistance time 3.00h

F4 grade, fire resistance time 4.00h

However, the national standard GB14102 grading the fire resistance of steel fire shutter doors, does not require fire test to measure the temperature rise of the backfire surface, nor the temperature rise of the backfire surface as the condition for determining the fire resistance time. In recent years, steam mist steel has appeared on the market. Quality fire shutters, evaporative steam-type steel fire shutters, etc., according to the "high gauge" requirements, when used as a fire compartment separation component, the temperature rise of the backfire surface must be used as the fire-retardant limit. In order to distinguish the refractory limit of the fire resistance of the above two different conditions, before the introduction of the national standard for fire curtain grading, the experts of the "High Regulations" management suggested: the fire test of the door and roller blind according to the national standard Method "GB7633" fire test, to achieve the requirements of the temperature rise of the backfire surface in the various conditions, the fire endurance ≥ 3.0h, called the super fire shutter, which is not determined by the temperature rise of the backfire surface in the fire test The conditions are collectively referred to as ordinary fire shutter doors.

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