Blinds To Buy

- Oct 04, 2018 -

Pay attention to curtain specifications

Concealed blinds (that is, venetian blinds are hanged in the window opening) should be the same height as the window, and the width is generally one centimeter smaller than the left and right sides of the window; the venetian blinds (that is, the blinds are hung outside the window) The length should be about 10 cm longer than the height of the window, and the width is about 5 cm wider than the sides of the window.

Curtain pattern selection should be suitable

The pattern of blinds is also very particular. The venetian blinds for the living room should be arranged with a waterfall and landscape pattern to make people feel like they are in a poetic setting. The bedroom can be decorated with soft, beautifully designed botanical, still life or geometric patterns.

Curtain styles should be coordinated

Different blinds should be selected for different formats of windows. If it is a general vertical window, it can be equipped with ordinary blinds; if it is a horizontal window, it can be equipped with a louver curtain, which will look harmonious, and the inside and outside are consistent and beautiful.

Curtain color space coordination should be coordinated

The blinds are best coordinated with the color of the furniture and walls of the room. If the wall is creamy or white, use ivory blinds. The walls are light green and can be fitted with grey or green blinds.

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