Blinds Installation

- Oct 04, 2018 -

The first step is to measure the size of the frame.

Width The width of the outer frame of the window is measured from left to right. The widest dimension on the upper, middle and lower sides of the window is the appropriate width of the outer frame (can be considered plus 100mm). The height of the window frame is measured from top to bottom. The largest size of the left, center and right of the window is the suitable height of the frame (can be added 120mm).

The second step is to measure the inner frame size.

The method of measuring the size of the outer frame is the same. Firstly, the window depth is determined to be sufficient for the louver blades to move freely. Different installation methods require different window depths: 8 cm depth is required for fixed or flat mounting; in addition to considering the product blade width, the push-pull installation requires Considering the number of layers of the installed product, generally two layers of push and pull should ensure that the blade activity needs 15cm depth, the single fan needs 10cm depth; the folding installation needs to reserve 10cm depth.

The third step, fixed installation code

All installation codes for the same product must be on the same line in the front, back, and up and down directions. If a curtain box is present, the width of the curtain box must be greater than 90 mm. Remember to push the mounting code slider to the end, then push the louvers and rotate the louvers. If the horizontal and vertical louvers are to be stowed, they must first turn the blade to the vertical of the wall and then pull it up. If the middle or the last stop, the rope should be 45 degrees to the right, and the whole curtain will be fastened.

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