Bathroom Door Feng Shui

- Sep 13, 2018 -

Taboo 1: bathroom door facing the entrance door

The gate of the house is the mouth of the air, the place where the gas is inhaled, and the flow of the angry entrance in the house. If the bathroom door is facing the gate, the anger coming in from the gate will enter the suffocating toilet. The door of the toilet is like a big mouth, and the angry entrance that comes in from the door of the house will form a confrontation with anger and anger.

Solution: Before the decoration, pay attention to the toilet and the door can not be opposite. If such a pattern has been formed, this can be avoided by simply slanting the toilet door.


Taboo 2: bathroom door to bedroom door

The opening of the bathroom door makes it easy for the suffocating air into the bedroom to enter the bedroom, which will affect the quality of sleep and affect the health of the body. The bedroom is under 8 square meters, and the situation is more serious. This kind of bedroom door is the most unsuitable for the elderly to wash the bathroom door, which will cause problems for the elderly.

Solution: The water in the bathroom will be distributed in front of the bedroom. Every time we leave the bathroom, we need to close the door and put 1 black obsidian in the corner of the bathroom to stabilize the magnetic field. In addition, it is best not to set up the toilet in the bedroom, otherwise the damp and dirty air of the toilet will easily flow into the bedroom and seriously affect the health of the owner. Here, it refers to the bedroom in the home. The settings of the hotel and hotel rooms are different. It is for temporary use by the guests. Pay attention to the difference.

Taboo 3: bathroom door facing the bed

Many homes now have a main bathroom and a secondary bathroom, and for convenience, the bathroom is located in the master bedroom. But I tell you, you must set the pattern into a hotel. Don't open the bathroom door to the bed for convenience. This is a very bad design. In my experience, living in such a room for more than three years, the endocrine system and reproductive system of male and female owners are generally affected. Very fulfilling, be especially careful.

Solution: Renovate the bathroom door, do not let the bathroom door to the bed, if there is no way to change, you can set it into a cabinet, the door is made into two weights, usually outsiders can not see there there is a bathroom, it looks like a row of cabinets Such a bathroom must have an externally ventilated window or a good exhaust. There are other ways to do it with a professional feng shui master. I won't introduce it here.


Taboo 4: bathroom door to kitchen door

Generally speaking, the kitchen is the place where the money is, and the bathroom is the place where the toilet is located. So if the door of the bathroom is facing the door of the kitchen, then the suffocation of the bathroom will dispel the kitchen. The kitchen is a fire, the bathroom and toilet are water, and the water and fire are incompatible, and the two places are the places to make delicious food. The one is the place where the sewage will make the people living inside, the mood is irritated, the emotion is unstable, affecting you. Good health.

Solution: The curtain is the most effective one. In addition to closing the doors of the two areas every day, the curtains can be hung on the doors of the kitchen and the bathroom. In addition, we can hang five emperors on two doors to resolve this suffocation.

Taboo 5: bathroom door facing the stove

The bathroom door should not be facing the stove. The five elements of the bathroom are water, which is the place where the suffocating suffocating, while the five-row kitchen stove is a fire, it is a place to cook things, the nature is completely different, the water and fire are incompatible, and it is unfavorable for the family.

Solution: You can open the door of the bathroom on the other side of the wall, change the orientation of the bathroom door, so that the stove has no door. Or place the cooktop in a different position in the kitchen to avoid the door facing the bathroom. If the position of the cooktop cannot be changed, a partition can be made to separate the cooktop from the bathroom door. If you do not want to change the stove and the bathroom door, the head of the household can use the five emperors who have the effect of blocking and evil spirits to resolve. In addition to the five emperors can be resolved, hanging bead curtains or blue curtains at the door of the bathroom, and then hung on the sides of the door to collect the haze, this is also a way to resolve.

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