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- Jul 04, 2018 -

Understand the principle of pin lock, product level, I believe we have a bottom when buying, when picking the lock, try to choose a product with a higher level of security, in order to prevent being fooled, when the purchase required to show the product testing certificate. In addition, the following is still a few tricks for everyone to ensure that nothing is lost.

First, look at the key tooth, the more teeth, the deeper the teeth, the more complicated the arrangement, the greater the difficulty of opening, the better the anti-theft performance; the second more than the weight, the heavier the weight, the better the quality of the lock core, the beads in the lock core The more, the better the anti-theft function; the third to see the color color work. The quality of the lock cylinder is electroplated, the surface is smooth and the color is bright. The dark yellow color is a copper core, which is relatively strong, anti-theft performance is good, the color of the lock cylinder is dark, and the zinc oxide is a kind of zinc oxide with air bubbles, and the anti-theft performance is general. The fourth test inserts the key, and the key rotation is inserted into the lock core, and the anti-theft performance of the card is poor.

Lock mutual opening rate

The mutual opening rate refers to the ratio of the number of locks that are opened to each other (the percentage of the number of times that the number of openings is compared with the total number of trials) in the same batch of locks. The less the lock that a key opens, the stronger the safety and reliability of the lock. The strength of well-known lock brands is strong, and the mutual opening rate of locks is only tens of thousands of parts. However, some manufacturers with irregular and incompetent strengths may reach a fraction of one-tenth, which means that they may only have dozens of sets. A mold that produces locks.


Simply put, the ultra-B anti-drilling, anti-mite, anti-shock is basically more than 10min or even longer, so short-term can not be opened with violence, long-term violence is very easy to attract attention, so the thief usually does not do this of

For the common fool unlocking method, such as tin foil (this invention is very strong), hitch (common in the movie), electric pick (single hook electric no brain chance to unlock), super B is definitely able to defend

There is also technology unlocking, super B at least 12 marbles or picks, comb tools + picks such as luck tools can not be used.

The most traditional picking + single hook technology to open the tool, open a level A lock is familiar with the play, super B general luck can not open for 10 minutes, then basically meet the anti-theft requirements


Super B-class lock for at least 5 years

"If the violent destructive method is used, all security door locks can be opened." Xiang Yifeng introduced that at present, the super B-class lock cylinder is relatively safe, and it is recommended that the public use the products of regular manufacturers.

"The reason why we emphasize the production of regular manufacturers is because there are also super-B locks that are not anti-theft in the market." He said that the market price of such lock cylinders is about 280 yuan, and the manufacturers are mostly in Guangzhou. People must pay attention when buying the lock core. Look at the manufacturers. Although the tin foil unlocking rate is high, it is only for some door locks. It is used to "handle" the super B-class lock. It is still a bit difficult to break, at least for 5 years.

When buying a lock, the public should pay attention to the thickness of the steel door frame of the security door should be more than 2 mm, the thickness of the door should be more than 20 mm, and the facade should be smooth and delicate. In Xiang Yifeng's view, if the key is lost, you must change the lock. When you lock the door, you must remember to lock it in place. Be sure to install the security door and security window. At home at night, it is best to lock the door.

Compare the safety of the six core locks in the market

At present, there are 6 types of locks widely used in the market. We have introduced and analyzed the functions and anti-theft features of various types of lock cylinders.

Super B grade third generation blade lock

Features: 2009 production, imitating the use of vane-type car key design, the market price of 280 yuan.

Market situation: The penetration rate is not high, mainly used in unlocking companies.

Safety factor: ★★★★★

Functional analysis: It is the safest cylinder on the market. The vane design can prevent tin foil from opening normally, and can resist 400 kilograms of shear force. It is expected that it will not be attacked by technology for at least 5 years.

Fake Super B-level lock cylinder

Features: Listed in 2009, belongs to a class B lock cylinder.

The market situation: Many street vendors selling cyclists are attempting to use counterfeits to swindle the public. The highest price is 500 yuan.

Safety factor: ★

Functional analysis: There are marbled blades in the two rows of lock cylinders, which are arranged in upper and lower and left and right structures. Use a foam-type anti-theft tool to break through in 3-5 minutes.

Quantum lock

Features: The same product after AB lock, the price is about 120 yuan.

Market situation: distributed in high-end residential areas, the utilization rate accounts for about 10%.

Safety factor: ★★★

Analysis of the reasons: The lock cylinder is locked at the edge of the card. There are marbles on all four sides of the lock cylinder. 70% of the lock levers on the market are difficult to open, but they cannot resist the shear force of the unlocking tool.

AB lock

Features: Listed around 2002, price 15-20 yuan.

Market situation: Most users in the new community account for 40%.

Safety factor: ☆

Functional analysis: 5 years ago, due to the thick steel plate and strong lock cylinder, it is the best anti-theft lock core on the market. With the advancement of technology, the current tin foil unlocking tool is its nemesis.

Cross lock

Features: Popularized in 2002, the key is jagged with four sides, and the price is sixty or seventy yuan.

Market situation: The utilization rate accounts for 25%. It is a transitional product of new and old communities, and there are not many residents in the new community.

Safety factor: ★


Functional analysis: It has a marble ball with a single-sided marbled bead on all sides, and the anti-theft principle is 4 times higher than the bullhead lock. However, because of the marble structure, it can be unlocked with a zipper-like zipper, and unlocking requires a certain skill.

Bull head lock

Features: During the founding of the People's Republic of China, the current market price does not exceed 30 yuan.

Market situation: It is used in the villages of the city, old districts and warehouses. The usage rate is 10%. Wooden doors are suitable.

Safety factor: ☆

Functional analysis: The key is single-sided with serrated, single-row marble design, the lock core material is mostly plastic. In the 1980s and 1990s, the anti-theft property was already broken. Generally, the spring-type unlocking gun can be used.

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