Automatic Revolving Door Structure

- Sep 20, 2018 -

1.The traditional three- and four-wing revolving door is such a structure that the central door shaft is vertically mounted to the ground through a bearing mechanism, and three or four door wings are fixedly fixed on the center door shaft, and the angles between the door leaves are equal. When the person pushes (clockwise) the door leaf between the inner fans, it becomes a manual revolving door. A motor and other electrical control components are mounted above the center door shaft, and with an induction device and a safety device, it becomes an automatic revolving door. This structure is stable, has high reliability and long service life. Considering that the revolving door must be sealed when it stops, each partition of the three-wing revolving door can accommodate more people, but the net opening width of the door is smaller. Each partition of the four-wing revolving door can accommodate fewer people, but the net opening width of the door is larger. However, the manner in which the revolving door wing and the central shaft are fixed determines that the door leaf width cannot be too large, so the diameter of the revolving door is only about 4M at the maximum. In order to solve this problem, the engineers designed the central door shaft as an intermediate display room, which reduced the width of the door and increased the rotational torque of the motor to the center of the door, so that the maximum diameter of the revolving door was expanded to 6M. The room has a very good decorative effect. The automatic revolving door as the access door also needs to consider the rapid evacuation of personnel in the emergency state, so the door flap of the revolving door should be able to be manually pushed open during the power failure, so the automatic revolving door with emergency opening function adopts a special hinge-like door. Body connection hardware. However, when the wind pressure is large, the door leaf structure is easily blown away by the wind. The strength of the hardware has also become one of the main quality problems of this automatic revolving door. The international automatic revolving door manufacturer has also designed a special electromagnetic lock that allows the door leaf to be pushed when the power is turned off.

2. Suspended automatic revolving door (two-wing revolving door)

In order to further expand the revolving door personnel flow and increase the distance between the revolving door leafs, it is natural to reduce the number of revolving door doors to two. However, it is no longer possible to use the original central door shaft structure for the two-wing revolving door, because the two door leaves make the center driving torque too large, and the driving force has few force points. In addition, the central door shaft structure is difficult to achieve the emergency opening function of the two-wing revolving door. The two-wing revolving door is then designed with one or two motors driven by an upper circumferential rail that suspends the entire door. The control section is the same as the stability automatic revolving door. It is worth mentioning that the emergency opening function of the two-wing revolving door is structurally easy, that is, an automatic sliding door or a manual swinging door is provided in the middle. There are two parking positions for the two-wing revolving door. One is that the door body is parallel to the entrance plane, and the middle automatic sliding door or manual swing door can be used directly; the other is that the door body is perpendicular to the entrance plane, and the arc at both ends of the door body will be The two openings of the revolving door are sealed at the same time, and a good sealing and heat insulation effect can be obtained in winter.


3. all glass automatic revolving door

Foreign architects are very cautious about the application of revolving doors, not only because of their special functions, but also because their own architectural features are too prominent, and it is easy to form a sharp contrast with the overall building. Therefore, if the architect decides to use the automatic revolving door, then the overall consideration and treatment of the structure, material, line, color and other style factors of the revolving door will be coordinated with the overall architectural style. The latest frameless all-glass revolving doors have been developed to suit the characteristics of certain architectural styles. Structurally, the all-glass automatic revolving door is the same as the self-stabilizing automatic revolving door. Also divided into three wings and four fans. It is also a stable structure for ground support. The difference is that the drive is buried underground. The upper part and the lower part each have a metal plate connecting the door leaf. The metal plate has a door clip for fixing the door leaf, and the door leaf glass is directly combined in the middle, omitting the center door shaft, which greatly improves the permeability of the door shaft. The top is a whole circular flat glass, the fixed arc of the door is made of arc glass, without any metal fixing profiles. This structure is completely consistent with the style of the aluminum alloy glass curtain wall, especially the point glass curtain wall. The disadvantage is still that the maximum diameter of the door is limited. In addition, the waterproof seal of the bottom electrical part must be replaced periodically.


4. Safe preparation of automatic revolving doors

The safety device for the automatic revolving door cannot be omitted at all. First, it is easy to sandwich between the movable wing and the fixed door. Anti-pinch sensor strips on both sides of the automatic revolving door entrance and exit must be equipped. Second, the rotational speed of the automatic revolving door is relatively stable, and the walking speed of the person when passing the revolving door must be consistent with its rotational speed. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the main collision. The anti-collision function is implemented by a similar automatic reversal function, but does not move in the same direction as an automatic panning door. The anti-collision of the automatic revolving door involves reacting to an artificial push. Artificial promotion is one of the main causes of dysfunction of automatic revolving doors.

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