Automatic Door Installation Method

- Sep 19, 2018 -

First, the project construction instructions:

1. Before installation and construction, you should first go to the construction site to know whether the site conditions meet the construction requirements. For example: the power supply must be delivered to the position, the ground is flat, and all construction conditions are met before construction can begin;

2. Measure the size of the door opening, discuss the production requirements with Party A, and then make the construction drawings as required, and submit it to Party A for approval;

3. Make a frame according to the drawings. Except for the production of door leaf (including skeleton, stainless steel, glass, etc.);


4. After all the preliminary works are completed, the installation can be carried out.

Second, start to install the door machine:

1. Wall installation, the wall surface must be leveled before installation to avoid uneven bending and noise. The flatness of the mounting surface of the guide rail should be less than 1.5mm. The installation of the wall can be fixed by the expansion screw, and the interval is between 35~45cm;

2. When installing the channel steel and angle iron frame, it can be directly fixed with flat head screws or self-powered screws. The interval can be the same as above, 1~2 vertical;

3. Before installing the drive rail, first fill the water with a transparent water pipe (not in the pipe) to measure the horizontal and horizontal levels of the two ends of the guide rail. The ground is subject to the highest point.

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