Application Of Metal Surface Coatings

- Jun 24, 2018 -

Application of Metal Surface Coatings

Various applications of dispersants in the field of metal surface coatings. Metal surface treatment coating aids have targeted auxiliaries for decontamination and decontamination. Thick silicone surfactants have additive solutions. The customer also used the signifying effect.

      Metal surface treatment agent refers to a general term for chemical agents that perform various treatments on metal surfaces. The metal surface treatment includes pretreatments such as degreasing, rust removal, phosphating, and rust prevention. It is a preparation for metal coating technology and metal protection technology. The pretreatment quality of the substrate is very important for the preparation of the post coating and the use of metal. Great influence.


      Including cleaning agents, rust inhibitors, phosphating solution three categories. Metal surface treatment technology is divided into mechanical treatment (such as sandblasting, polishing, high-pressure water washing, etc.) and chemical treatment. As for coatings, electroplating, and other technologies, they have independently developed into a metal anti-corrosion technology, and the chemical agents used are generally not included in the category of metal surface treatment agents referred to herein.

      Metal equipment before the anti-corrosion construction require surface cleaning to ensure that the coating and the base metal is well-integrated, but the metal surface often has oxide skin, rust, burrs, oil, moisture, dust and other surface defects and pollution, must be carefully handled, or can not Get a good construction quality. Surface treatment can be divided into mechanical, chemical and electrochemical methods.

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