Acrylic Sheet Product Classification

- Jul 23, 2018 -

Acrylic cast sheet: high molecular weight, excellent stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance. This sheet is characterized by small batch processing, unmatched flexibility in color system and surface texture effects, and a full range of specifications for a variety of special applications.


Acrylic extruded sheet: Compared to the cast sheet, the extruded sheet has a lower molecular weight and a slightly weaker mechanical properties. However, this feature facilitates bending and thermoforming processes and facilitates rapid vacuum forming when handling larger sheets. At the same time, the thickness tolerance of the extruded sheet is smaller than that of the cast sheet. Since the extrusion plate is produced in large quantities and is inconvenient to adjust in color and specifications, the product specification diversity is limited.


Acrylic sheet material classification is mainly divided into three categories in China: one is imported board; the other is Taiwan-funded board; the third is domestic board. They differ in the origin and (MMA) purity of the raw materials used. This is also the key to determining the quality and price of the board.

The domestically imported acrylic sheets are Japan's Mitsubishi (Japan's Mitsubishi Chemical) and Germany's Degussa.

The so-called Taiwan-funded board refers to the board made of the pure raw materials of the United Kingdom (MMA) and the technology and crafts of Taiwan. Most of the molds used to produce sheets are made in the UK and Germany. The acrylic sheet produced has uniform color, no water marks, and small thickness error. The common ones on the market are: Hua Shuite, Ruichang, Shenmei, Qiange, Daqijin and other brands, among which the Huashuite brand is recognized in the market. The degree is higher, the market price is 26-28 yuan / kg (its price is floating with the rise and fall of oil); there are also some brands such as Tomson, Chuangya, Green River, Xinshun and other brands, are also called The Taiwanese board, but the raw material is MMA's new material, the quality is not bad. The market price is 20-24 yuan/kg. After using the color rhyme tablet machine, the effect is quite good.

Domestic plate refers to the raw material used in the production of sheet metal, and the other is produced by secondary processing of various acrylic sheet recycled materials (PMMA). However, the disadvantage is that the surface water marks are obvious, the thickness is uneven, and it is easy to yellow, which is not suitable for plastic forming, and is only suitable for engraving. The advantage is that the price is low. After the experiment on the tablet proves. There is a certain gap between the effect of the spray and the import.

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