Acoustic Insulation

- Apr 10, 2018 -

The way the sound waves are transmitted through the door is mainly the door leaf and the door joint. Therefore, to obtain a high sound insulation soundproof door, we must start from the above two aspects.

(1) Improve sound insulation of doors

In order to ensure that the door is closed and flexible, it is not possible to excessively use the method of increasing the size of the door to obtain higher sound insulation.

1) Combine materials with different sound resistance into a multi-layer composite structure door leaf.

2) Prevent the panel's matching effect from appearing in the effective frequency range to reduce the sound insulation.

(2) Improve sealing measures for door seams

1) The effect of door joints on sound insulation is the change of sound insulation when different door sealing methods are used on the same door.

2) Door sealing method

a. Early "9" shaped rubber seal

b, the use of dual-channel seal measures.

c. Muffler effect of door muffler

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