About The Color Matching Of The Original Wood Door

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Floor matching

1, dark floor series with wooden doors

Dark floors with dark wooden doors are often used for conservative designs or traditional styles. This kind of collocation is more common. The traditional decoration concept is that the color of the wall or door should be shallower than the ground, which can stretch the visual sense of space.


The dark floor is equipped with white wooden doors, so the style is not very harmonious. It is recommended that consumers do not use such tricks.

2, medium color floor series with wooden doors

The medium-color floor is relatively high in frequency, and it is a relatively safe color. Even if it is not well matched, it will not go wrong. The matching of the medium-color floor + dark door is very common, and many styles are available. The combination of medium-color floor + light-colored door is also very common, and some modern styles, mix-ups, pastoral, etc. use such a matching method.

Medium-color floor + medium-color door, this decorative effect will make the whole room space seem depressed and insecure, it is recommended not to take it.

3, light or white floor series with wooden doors

Shallow floor + dark wooden door, this decoration is suitable for warm-style room decoration, but this combination seems to be a bit top-heavy, it is recommended not to take it.

The combination of white floor + light wood door and medium color floor + medium color door will make the whole room space unable to find the exit, which seems to be insecure and insecure.

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