What is the welding method for the aluminum art patio door?

- Jul 13, 2018 -

Whether the gate of Qingyuan Villa is integrally cast or cast aluminum spliced, welding is indispensable in the production process. The welding between aluminum and iron is too different, so welding aluminum is also a technology. Let's briefly introduce aluminum. Welding method.

Welding method: Almost all kinds of welding methods can be used to weld aluminum and aluminum alloy, but aluminum and aluminum alloy have different adaptability to various welding methods, and various welding methods have their respective applications. Gas welding and electrode arc welding methods are simple and easy to operate. Gas welding can be used for repair welding of aluminum sheets and castings that do not require high quality welding. Welding rod arc welding can be used for repair welding of aluminum alloy castings. The inert gas shielded welding (TIG or MIG) method is the most widely used aluminum and aluminum alloy welding method. Aluminum and aluminum alloy sheets can be tungsten argon arc welding or tungsten pulse argon arc welding. Aluminum and aluminum alloy thick plates can be tungsten arc arc welding, argon-helium mixed tungsten gas shielded welding, gas metal arc welding, pulse gas metal arc welding. MIG welding and pulse gas metal arc welding are used more and more widely (argon or argon/helium mixture)

Preparation before welding

1. Pre-weld cleaning: When welding aluminum and aluminum alloy, the oxide film and oil stain on the workpiece weld and the surface of the wire should be strictly removed before welding.

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