What is the soundproofing door for ktv to have better sound insulation?

- Jul 04, 2018 -

There are the following methods for sound insulation in KTV rooms:

First, KTV ceiling sound insulation

1. The ceiling slab is sprayed with JM plant fiber first;

2. Because the sound of the KTV venue is relatively loud, vibration will occur, so it is necessary to install an acoustic damper;

3, in order to achieve better sound insulation, it is also necessary to lay a layer of 50mm soundproof cotton under the damper;

4. Finally, a layer of composite damper insulation board can be used to complete the ceiling sound insulation decoration.

Second, KTV wall sound insulation

1, the wall needs to play the keel first;

2. Fill a layer of sound insulation cotton between the keel and the wall, and the specific thickness is implemented according to the plan;

3. Finally, before laying the composite damping sound insulation board, it is necessary to lay a layer of 2mm thick soundproof felt.

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