What are the requirements for KTV sofas when they are placed in KTV?

- Jul 03, 2018 -

In KTV, KTV sofas occupy a very important role, so be sure to pay extra attention to the purchase of the sofa. In addition, pay attention to the arrangement of the KTV.

   KTV sofa layout needs to pay attention to the room and match, if the sofa's placement and the room's look seems strange, then the guests will certainly be uncomfortable, the so-called and the room with the style is to match, in the display Afterwards, it is important that the size of the sofa and the location of the room should be appropriate and not too narrow.

   When KTV sofas are arranged, they need to feel themselves. Many KTV managers feel good after they are laid out, and then they are not in charge. In fact, they should realize for themselves what they need to pay attention to.

   When KTV sofas are arranged, they can't be too obsolete, and they can't be too unconventional. This is undesirable. It is easy for guests to feel uncomfortable while playing, so they must be adapted to the development of the times.


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