What are the basic characteristics of KTV steel doors?

- Jun 27, 2018 -

KTV door because of the particularity of the use of the environment, so there will be restrictions in the selection, the more commonly used is KTV stainless steel doors, in addition, steel doors are also a common type of KTV door, then this KTV door has what characteristics?

KTV steel door is a steel core, plus wood grain surface treatment of the interior doors, and solid wood composite doors have a certain similarity, but the price is lower than solid wood composite doors, steel doors, the environmental performance is also good, than the die Compared with molded doors, in general, the market demand for steel and wooden doors is also very large; wood molded doors and PVC laminated doors are the most common on the market.

About the basic characteristics of KTV steel doors, we first introduced here, if there is a need or any other issues, please consult.

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