Villa gate design

- Jul 13, 2018 -

The design of the gate will be matched with the building. The door is the symbol of the separation of the interior and exterior space. It is the first space for people to enter the room. The door of the Qingyuan villa is said to have paid great attention to the treatment of different doors since ancient times.

The design of different villa doors will match the building


Looking back at the origin of the villa, there seems to be no clear starting point for the time, but the villas appeared very early in ancient China. It is the palace of the emperor, the house of the emperor, and the manor and manor of the wealthy merchants. The villa door as an external display image is closely related to the personality and style of the owner. There are not many modifications and constraints, and inadvertently, another kind of casual romance is achieved. The garden castle in the dream is full of rich culture and extravagance, and there is no lack of freedom and atmosphere.

The gate is the first private space that guests touch, and the design of the gate is also very promising. Let's think about the exterior wall and the lawn, so that your loved one can make a difference. The gates of buildings and yards are the most frequently used places, the places we pass every day, and the external display images, representing the personality and style of the owner.

Compared with the simple and modern cool door design, the rural garden door is obviously low-key, perhaps a simple gallery, planted a vine, or a flower tree, in a low-key, subtle, Silently bloom your own wonderful.

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