The key craft of the original wooden door

- Aug 08, 2018 -

The process requirements of the original wooden door are very elegant and must be processed through multiple links and multiple processes. Every processing process is very important, which determines the aesthetic, practical life and price of the wooden door. According to experts' calculations: "The difference in the cost of the original wooden door will be more than 8 times."

First, the variety selection. The choice of wood must take into account its inherent shrinkage, resistance to mites and its density and natural warpage. Burmese cherry and walnut are mainly used in the market; Sapele and ebony imported from Africa; rosewood imported from Africa (common name: Bahua), etc. These wood species have good performance and are especially suitable for climate use in the south of the Yangtze River.

Second, the problem of cracking. The traditional wooden doors are assembled into a complete door by first processing the various finished parts, and then the entire door is completely sealed. Due to thermal expansion and contraction, the wooden door will crack after a period of use. The best way to solve this method is to use the split assembly process, that is, after the completion of the carpentry, first carry out multiple paintings and then assemble the final spray of protective topcoat. This technique reserves shrink seams for the joints of the various components. It is strong and beautiful.

Third, the wood is dried. The moisture content of wood is the decisive factor in determining the cracking and deformation of wood. Therefore, in the production of raw wood doors, the drying process of wood should be strictly controlled first, and the moisture content of wood should be scientifically controlled according to the air of each province to meet the regional standards of each place. For example, the Xiamen Quality Inspection Department stipulates that the wood moisture content is ≤15 degrees.

Fourth, the paint process. The paint process is the first influencing factor of the good and bad indicators of wooden doors. For example, under the same sunshine conditions, the bright yellow white paint with good yellowing resistance is better than the ordinary white top paint; under the same paint film appearance, the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the wear resistant matt paint It is much better than ordinary matt paint. Of course, the skills of the technicians are also very important, they can strictly control the uniformity of the paint and the fullness of the paint.

Fifth, the carving process. The engraving extension carving and hand carving of the original wooden door, if you choose to use the machine to cut the partial flower board, the lace is carved with small pieces of scrap and then glued and nailed. This kind of engraving process looks neither fine nor rigid, and it will be loose for a long time. And a decent set of hand-carved doors, good carving, long life, and a high cultural and artistic connotation.

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