The coffee table material has different characteristics

- Jul 01, 2018 -

Although the tea table plays a supporting role in the box, it is indispensable, but what do you know about the different coffee cups? Now the stainless steel box door manufacturers come to tell us about their respective characteristics:

      A, stainless steel coffee table: stainless steel frame structure, safe and stable; bearing capacity up to 500 kg; built-in LED energy-saving colorful lights, diversified lighting colors, can control the flashing speed of the lights; strong metal texture, fashionable, easy to clean, long service life .

B、Glass coffee table: The technology is glass paint, spray picture, with a clear, fresh and transparent texture, rich in three-dimensional effect, can make the space bigger, more energetic.

C, European solid wood: solid carved frame, delicate texture, silver paint craftwork, marble countertops. It reveals a gorgeous aesthetic and is more suitable for use in classical spaces.

    Depending on the material, the coffee table will give you a different feeling. Everyone can choose according to their actual situation.

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