The advantages of steel doors

- Apr 10, 2018 -

1. The strength of steel doors is good, they are not easily deformed, they are durable, they are not afraid of water, and they are suitable for kitchen doors.

2. The interior is filled with fillers, not solid wood, which is lighter than the weight of other doors and reduces the limit of the fall of the door leaf (causing it to fail to close);

3. The most important point is that the price of steel doors is economically affordable, and most families can afford them. This is one of the characteristics that steel doors are relatively popular;

4, In addition, the style of steel doors is varied, any pattern can be suppressed, you can also according to preferences, according to the pattern of your favorite wooden door, beautiful and generous;

5, for dealers, the benefits of steel doors is that it's easy to install, simple and quick, no need to open the keyhole steel wood door

6, non-toxic green health and environmental protection!

Advantages: less than two or three times the number of paint spray, cost savings, and oil workers also save a lot, only after a strong impact will be deformed, not easily deformed.

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